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It can be a challenge to maintain new classical furniture, but knowing main rules, it is possible to keep the furniture like you have once chosen from the catalogue.

Provide a dry, well-ventilated room for the furniture which is not so often affected by direct sun which becomes “a knife” not only for curtains, but also furniture upholstery, especially the material one. Wooden or plastic furniture details can suffer not less.

You don’t need to arm with all possible furniture maintenance means, but it is advisable to clean plastic or metal parts with the intended means. If you don’t trust your own skills or operation instruction, try the means on less visible area.

Glass surfaces love soft cloths and, of course, glass surfaces require most of your patience.

Patent-leather surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth and should be dried immediately.

Wooden surfaces do not like heat, thus, together with new furniture, buy toning little trays as well eventually it will become a habit to put a little tray, napkin on the table under a hot vessel. Actually, dear women, if in the sitting-room watching television at the same time you like doing the nails, don’t forget and don’t put acetone-moistened cotton pd on wooden, patent-leather surface, you will remember it for a long them.

Don’t forget that furniture is not rubber therefore you have to always evaluate what weight it will keep. Only in this way the shelves won’t deform.

Leather furniture

The advantage of leather furniture – they are easy to clean, but if Your pet strikes its clutch or teeth into leather, you will eliminate the visible signs

even longer.

It is advisable to clean such furniture with a little bit moistened cloth or micro-fibre cloth, and remove the

stains with the means specially designed for leather surfaces.

You will clean the stain from turned leather furniture easier with a well-lathery piece of soft cloth. Gently rubbing, the stain will possibly vanish.

The scratches could be polished by liquid boot-polish which has to be applied after cleaning and drying the leather surface.

Eco leather furniture

You will clean the stains from the furniture upholstered with eco leather with a sponge moistened in soapsuds. Eco leather “does not like” great moisture, watch not to moisture its inner side.

If the stain is old and not easily mastered, try to master such stain with 40 – 50 per cent alcohol and water solution or use the means for natural leather cleaning.

With the intention for eco leather to be as new as longer as possible, use natural leather treatment means.

Material coating maintenance

While maintaining material furniture coatings, the same rules stand good. The more attention you will give for that, the longer you will rejoice at newly looking furniture. The dust gathered can be vacuumed or cleaned with a soft brush. The stains cannot be rubbed, they will be mastered by special shampoos there are thick as blackberries of which. But furniture cleanser is not omnipotent, don’t allow it penetrating through the fabric, it is important to clean it properly.

As in case of clothing maintenance, in case of material coating one should not forget that old stains submit to cleaning more quickly than the left or forgotten ones.

Maintenance of the furniture from solid

Wood solid furniture has THREE enemies: dust, moist and direct sunlight. All these factors can leave stains, the drapery loose their colour.

Sudden temperature fluctuations also damage wood solid furniture. During the heating period, wood gets dried therefore it is advisable to moisten home air during such period.

Clean the dust from such furniture with a moistened cloth, it would be better it to be moistened in grape vinegar.

It is advisable to conceal such stains with boot-polish of suitable colours.

Maintenance of the furniture from MDF (medium-density fibreboard)

It is important to clean such furniture with special means, getting acquainted with the usage instruction beforehand. Furniture from MDF “are afraid” of water thus it is necessary to clean all spilled liquids immediately and to dry the surface. Also, protect the furniture from hot vessels which can leave traces.

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