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What country is the furniture manufactured in?
Our company represents the manufacturers of various world countries.
What material is the furniture made from?
You could find all information about the materials used in furniture manufacturing here.
Is it possible to produce the furniture of non-standard measurements?
Unfortunately, we do not provide such service. The furniture is produced only of standard measurements.
What components make the set of furniture?
Standard gathering of bedroom furniture: bedroom bed + 2 cupboards by the bed + cosmetic table.

Standard gathering of sitting-room soft furniture: three-seat sofa + two-seat sofa + armchair (also, other gatherings are possible).

Can the client choose the colour of wood, tapestry or leather?
Unfortunately, we do not provide such service. Our company is a direct distributor of already manufactures furniture in Lithuania.
How much time does it take to accomplish the order?
If the item is in the warehouse, the duration of order is 1-2 weeks, if the item is not in the warehouse – 2-3 months.
What is the order of ordering?

1. Ordering form is filled in

2. The advance is left

3. It is agreed upon the delivery

Is the furniture delivered home and assembled?
In the cities of Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, this service is provided for free.
Is there a possibility of store the furniture for some time?
There is such possibility, furniture salon consultants should be applied for the term.
What is the warranty term for the furniture?
2 years.
How to maintain the furniture?
All information about furniture maintenance You could find here.
What are the measurements of the furniture?
Standard measurements of sleeping part of the beds without the mattress: 160/180 cm of width and 2 m of length.
Is it possible to buy on the never-never?
The documents of UAB “Ūkio bankas lizingas” are arranged in the furniture salon, you just need to have an identification document.
Are there any harmful materials in the composition of the furniture?
Our furniture corresponds to all certification requirements of the European Union. You could find the descriptions of furniture materials here.

If You did not find the answer to the question You are interested in, please contact us, we will gladly answer.

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