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There is nothing better, as to come back home after a strained day. To come back there where it is comfortable and smells of coffee. This is our fortress, protection and place of relaxation. Everyone at his/her home wants to create the style and comfort which is acceptable not only to them. And such atmosphere can be created by classical-style furniture. They not only emphasize the individuality, but also reflect the owner’s character, provide a solid first impression.

Precisely this we emphasize in the furniture salon “Agoora“, we choose every piece of furniture and interior detail thoroughly and responsibly. We can offer our client a great assortment of classical furniture, which will create a wonderful atmosphere at Your home and will provide grace and elegance to Your interior.

Our goods are furniture and décor accents from all over the world. Wood and leather, handmade scrimshaw and wickered details – exceptional and qualitative furniture. Our motto – “always new, always fresh“, we often renew our production and supplement it with unseen furniture models, original interior details.

We try to keep to flexible price policy, we provide interior design services, we give much attention to warranty goods services, it is important to us that every client receives professional consultation. We seek cherishing traditions and bravely look towards the future.

UAB “Agoora“ – classical interior workshops, modern brushstrokes and unforgettable blow of classics.

These are the furniture which your homes yearn for.

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